Share Your How-To’s

One of my (many) resolutions was to provide a space for others to network and share their pages. I am not yet savvy enough to create one of those blog rings, and I don’t have thousands of followers, but I do have a page where others who are interested in growing their reach can share their posts. So, from time to time I will publish a Share Your…post. Each will be different and will provide an opportunity to extend your reach to new readership. Interested? Well, let’s do this!

Basic Guidelines:

  • Comment with the link to your post below
  • Include a brief description (optional)
  • Add your social media links if you would like to share
  • Subscribe/Follow others who post as well
  • Have fun!


8 responses to “Share Your How-To’s”

  1. I’m a new blogger, only 3 posts so far but I’m excited. My blog is about all the things I’ve learned and love. Things that inspire me and that teach me something. I’m writing about books, podcasts, websites, TV shows, awesome quotes with personal stories, music… What ever I can find that makes me feel good. My name on FB and Twitter is Marcie3things. Always looking for new material as well.


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