Product Review – Agave Syrup

As you can probably tell by the title and header photo of this blog, I am a coffee addict. Not quite to the aficionado level but I know a good cup of java when I taste it! With so many options of gourmet flavors and sweeteners, it can snowball into a sugary drink. No bueno. I am not the type to use faux sugars or substitutes but I also know that too much is bad for me. This time of year, there are even more options available…who doesn’t enjoy a pumpkin spice or gingerbread latte around the holidays?!

I have a favorite go-to option for a low glycemic sweetener that isn’t over manufactured or processed to death. I use agave syrup. For years I have been using the organic blue agave in my coffee and its life changing! Seriously, its better than the flavored syrups from the big box stores and its better for you. Not to be used everyday of course, but I prefer this to refined white sugar in just about everything. Its sweeter than sugar so I use less and its natural so I dont worry about chemicals like those used in processing other substitutes.

When I clicked through their site, I noticed all the other options to use it that I didnt think of before. Not just baked goods but drinks like Mojitos, bbq sauces & soups. I will have to try out their curry apple soup over the holidays for sure!

Give it a shot…tell me what you think!


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